Autumn Wedding Color Schemes That You’ll Fall In Love With



Fall is a time of transition in the South—the persistent summer heat has just started to cool off, we’re trading our sweet tea for hot cider, and the leaves have begun to change. The air feels crisp and all the desserts are pumpkin-spiced. What better time to leap into a new phase of your life and exchange your vows? The weather is warm, but not too warm; chilled, but not quite cold. Part of the draw of fall weddings is the endless possibility – your wedding can lean towards a more summery or wintery theme, adapted entirely to your taste.From an early September soirée to a late November ceremony, these festive themes will carry you through the fall. We have a color scheme to suit every bride, from subtle beige-and-cream combinations to dramatic berry and plum hues. Glean inspiration from the changing colors outside with these fall-inspired themes that take a cue from fall foliage and the bounty of the harvest. We’re absolutely falling for these tables draped in jewel-toned cloths and picture-perfect leaves and vines cascading from light features. These fall wedding color schemes will provide the ideal backdrop for your Big Day.


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