Mermaid Transparent Wedding Dress. Trumpet wedding dress



Transparent bodice wedding dress. Champaign color We have only 1 in stock. Size 6 in us size or 38 in Europe. please contact us before you order. To see how to measure yourself, please click the link below; NOTE: The pictures we use are 100% original. You exactly see what you will receive. We refuse to use similar pictures for our catalogue. Only for bespoke orders we use similar ones. Since you are not here with us, the skirt length could be done in your location, when your shoes on. Like this thing, some very little alterations can be done when the dress is on you. This way always gives you the best result. Thank you for your understanding. IMPORTENT NOTE!!! AFTER YOUR PURCHASE WE IMMEDIATELY BUY MATERIALS AND CUT THEM ACCORDING TO YOUR SIZE . WE SHIP THEM TO YOU USUALLY MUCH MORE EARLIER THAN THE DEADLINE. THEREFORE NO CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT STEP. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE PREPARING FOR YOUR MOST SPECIAL DAY WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. WE SPEND MONEY, TIME AND OUR BEST EFFORT FOR YOU. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.


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