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This is the perfect gift from bride to her groom, father ,or father of groom . This is a listing for 2 beautiful quality handkerchiefs. You pick color of thread/ Men’s is 16 by 16 inches and 100% cotton Womens is 11 by 11 You get to customize them with any sayings you want but not over 35 words please.. When you buy it where it says note to seller you message me exactly how you want each handkerchief to say and I will copy and paste it to my software . Please read over it carefully and make sure there is no mistakes ! I also want Color of thread they can be done in any color you wish I have over 100 different colors so any color you camn think of :). For example 1. BLACK THREAD Mom, You will never know How much I love you. Thank you for everything. -Color for scroll design- Love, Your name Date of wedding. And the same for other handkerchiefs. TO ADD A GIFT BOX TO YOUR ORDER THIS IS THE LINK- If you have any questions feel free to ask . I can do custom orders for more handkerchiefs . thanks so much for looking at my shop .


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